Tendam joins Fashion Pact

Tendam joins Fashion Pact

Spanish fashion retailer Tendam, which owns brands the Cortefiel,
Pedro del Hierro, Springfield, Women’secret, Fifty brands, and,

as of November, Hoss Intropia
, is the latest company to join
the Fashion Pact, a coalition of fashion and textile businesses committing
to tackle sustainability issues.

Unveiled back in August
by François-Henri Pinault, chairman and CEO
of luxury fashion group Kering, the Fashion Pact focuses on environmental
goals in three core areas: stopping global warming, restoring biodiversity
and protecting the oceans.

Tendam chairman and CEO, Jaume Miquel, said in a statement: “We’re forging
ahead in our sustainability strategy and joining the Fashion Pact is a sign of
our commitment. This translates into clear control policies in operations in
which we are directly involved, while consistently pursuing maximum efficiency
and minimum consumption.”

Other sustainable initiatives from Tendam include Springfield’s H2Ø denim line
which uses laser technologies and ozone in the denim finishing process to reduce
water usage – it currently accounts for 50 percent of the brand’s denim line. Springfield also
has a Reconsider collection which uses organic fibres and sustainable
technologies – the collection accounts for 14 percent of the brand’s total offering.

Additionally, the group’s lingerie brand, Women’secret, has an Honest line
which is manufactured with organic cotton and recycled materials and currently
accounts for 15 percent of the Basics in Corsetry garments collection.

The H2Ø denim at Cortefiel Man represents over 70 percent of the brand’s
jeans collection, while the Eco-Friendly programme at Cortefiel Woman, which
uses organic cotton and recycled polyester, accounts for 9 percent of total

Photo credit: Springfield, Facebook

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